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EZ Street Cold Asphalt

EZ Street polymer-modified asphalt technology is being utilized extensively in over twenty countries. EZ Street Canada started in the Canadian north, testing and proving the technology in the harshest of conditions. Widely recognized as a high quality, high performance asphalt, proven to permanently repair potholes in any weather condition, instantly ready for traffic and an ideal paving solution for large scale projects.

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It's Simple!

Sweep away area to be patched


Sweep away area to be patched. Make sure to remove all loose debris, broken piece of pavement, and dust.

Fill hole with EZ Street asphalt


Fill hole with EZ Street cold asphalt. For holes deeper than 50mm, compact material into 25mm layers.

Compact EZ Street asphalt


Compact EZ Street cold asphalt using a shovel, tamper, or vehicle to just over the level of the existing pavement.