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Since 1985, Aquaterr has led in the development, design, manufacturing and sales of wireless irrigation controller devices. All products are commercial grade, using the highest strength and quality materials, designed to last long beyond their warranty. The wireless irrigation controller/valve actuators make it possible for projects that do not have adequate standard electric power or cannot inexpensively run wire to the valve.

Aquaterr is dedicated to improving the quality and consistency of things that grow, using smart measurement and communication technology.

VAT-16/32 Valve Actuating Transmitter

Aquaterr's Valve Actuating Transmitter is the only wireless valve actuaing transmitter with five mile uninterrupted transmission. All VATs connect directly to your irrigation controller and sends programmed radio signals specially encoded to activate the Aquaterr Receiver, to which they are wirelessly linked. Considerable cost savings are realized by eliminating exsisting controllers while centralizing zone control and improving program and maintenance efficiency.

VATs are expandable from 16 to 96 stations and will interface to all irrigation controllers, AC or DC. Aquaterr systems are completely wireless and require no radio licensing fees or cellular costs!

All VATs are programmable with Aquaterr's Programmer unit which enables you to set unique parameters to suit your specific system requirements.

VAT Cut Sheet and Specifications

Aquaterr Valve Actuating Transmitter box

VAR-VB Valve Actuating Receiver - Valve Box

Install your Valve Actuating Receiver level with the terrain on an exsisting valve box. The operating components are safely concealed from the environment in a watertight enclosure with no external or protruding objects, minimizing the threat of vandalism. The VAR box receives non-line-of-sight radio signals with a reliability radius of two miles which does not require a radio license nor cellular fees.

VARs interface seamlessly between exsisting irrigation controllers and your valve's latching solenoid. It will receive encoded and redundant radio signals from an Aquaterr radio transmitter which communicates instructions originating from your irrigation controller.

Operates 1, 2, or 4 stations per valve box

VAR Valve Box Specifications

Aquaterr Valve Actuating Receiver Valve Box

VAR-P Valve Actuating Receiever - Pole Mount

Pole Mount receivers will reliably receive non-line-of-sight radio signals for a raduis of up to five miles. Enclosed in a durable weatherproof shield, the pole mount VAR is proven to stand the test of time. Significant cost savings are realized when using Aquaterr systems as it is time consuming and expensive to dig and bury, and replace irrigation wires.

Aquaterr's radio signals are fool-proof and unable to be tampered with. Each transmitted instruction is encoded with redundancy to assure reliable irrigation control. All VARs are programmable with Aquaterr's programming unit so you can customize specific parameters for your irrigation system.

Pole Mount VARs control up to 8 latching solenoids.

VAR Pole Mount 1, 2 and 4 Staion Specifications

VAR Pole Mount 8 Staion Specifications

Aquaterr Valve Actuating Receiver Pole Mount