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Toro 570z Series Spray Head

The Toro 570Z Series sprinklers embody all that is required for residential and service contractors wanting to stock just one sprinkler family. With hundreds of different nozzles, several body styles and a side inlet option, you instantly have the ability to satisfy any installation requirement.

Whether it's a small installation or an intricate design, the 570Z family has the features you need. The zero flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up and the ratcheting riser lets you easily fine-tune.

570Z Series Information

Group of 570z series pop-up sprays

Toro 570z-XF Series Spray Head

With the 570ZXF, Toro takes water-management another step further. A missing or damaged spray head nozzle can let 40 gallons of water escape per minute. The patented X-Flow technology is a shut-off device built right into the sprinkler to prevent water waste.

When accidents or vandalism occur, the 570ZXF is there to back you up.

570Z Series Information

Group of 570zxf series pop-up sprays

Toro 570z-PR Series Spray Head

The saying "every drop counts" is truer than ever. With a pressureactivated wiper seal that flushes only upon retraction, flow-by is eliminated on pop-up reducing water waste and allowing more heads per valve

This zero-flush seal is what makes the 570Z Series a spray head for those serious about effective water management.

570Z Series Information

Group of 570zpr series pop-up sprays