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640 Series

Considered the most durable, heavy-duty commercial sprinkler available, the 640 Series is the traditional, proven veteran for greens mist systems and medium to long range golf applications. It is equipped with a standard rubber cover and offers a choice of five nozzles and twelve arcs. A variety of models are available including Valve-In-Head, Check-O-Matic and Effluent water applications.

Durable stainless steel, engineering plastic and brass construction for reliable performance in the most demanding environments Up to 1/2" (13mm) below-grade installation keeps rotor out of sight and prevents damage

640 Series Manual

640 Series Nozzle Performance

Toro 640 series rotor

T5 Series

The new Toro T5 Series Rotor has the features to satisfy all your basic irrigation needs while surprising you with a few extras. In the same size body as competitive units with only a 4” pop-up, the new T5 delivers a full 5 inches (12.7 cm) of pop-up height.

Nozzles are balanced allowing for the use of any nozzle on the same zone where different arcs are being irrigated at the same time. This multi-purpose rotor packs a lot of convenience into one competitively priced unit. For those day-in and day-out installations, the T5 is the only rotor you’ll need.

T5 Series Manual

Toro T5 series rotor

Mini-8 Series

Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Toro Mini 8 rotor provides value and water efficiency when your landscape area is too large for sprays, but too small for a full-size rotor.

Top arc indication for easy adjustments from 40°-360° with five interchangeable nozzles included(1.5 nozzle preinstalled).

Mini-8 Series Manual

Toro mini-8 rotor

300 Series

Ideal for medium to large lawn and ground cover and light commercial applications. They deliver matched precipitation rates with precise proportional flow so they’ll provide uniform coverage every time.

Unique "fingers of water" provide slow, effective watering and visual appeal at matched precipitation rates. Toro 300 Series rotor uses interchangeable arc plates and nozzles for maximum versatility covering varying arc requirements. Selection of body styles: lawn, shrub and high pop—to satisfy varying installation requirements

300 Series Manual

Toro 300 series rotor