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Toro Evolution Controller

The Evolution controller's user interface was designed with the customer in mind. Shortcut buttons provide quick access to basic functions while the advanced menu leverages the experience and knowledge of the irrigation professional, all shown on a graphics display that navigates similar to many modern consumer electronic devices.

Simple-to-use software allows you to program everything at a computer. Use a standard USB drive to transfer programming to one or more controllers in a matter of seconds. The USB drive also provides controller logging functionality to save an operation log for diagnostic purposes.

Evolution Information

Toro evolution controller


An economical battery powered controller in a waterproof case designed for a variety of landscaping applications and installation environments requiring 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8- stations.

Submersible up to 6.5· (2m) per IP-68 standards, allowing contractors to mount up to an 8-station controller in a valve box. The DDC-WP has three independent programs with three start times per program that have a unique power feature that verifies sufficient power to turn off valves before turning them on

DDC-WP Manual

Toro DDCWP battery operated controller

TMC-212 Series

The TMC-212 has an array of features with advanced, modular construction. Options such as indoor and outdoor models and a station count of two to twelve make it a fit for a variety of residential applications. It is simple to program and install, and its solid-state technology will stand the test of time.

Three fully independent programs with four start times per program; the non-volatile memory requires no batteries and holds programming information for up to five years

TMC-212 Series Manual

Toro TMC-212 irrigation controller

TMC-424 Series

Toro's advanced modular technology combines sophisticated features with simple operation to provide a customizable controller. Station count can be 4-24 stations, using 4 or 8 station modules. Real-time flow-sensing monitors up to three independent sensors and is compatible with the Toro TFS Series flow sensors.

Versatile run times allow for additional watering flexibility. Add this to features like two levels of surge protection, compatibility with the TMR-1 Maintenance Remote, the rugged dual-use cabinet, and the convenient program-review feature and you really do have the ultimate in controller flexibility.

Standard or High Surge modules provide options to meet regional lightning protection needs

TMC-424 Series Manual

Toro TMC-424 irrigation controller